Benefits of Online Payments
G2G Cloud SolutionsBenefits of Online Payments

Benefits of Online Payments


Benefits for You

  • Online Payments is a FREE service for government agencies.
  • G2G Cloud Solutions is government owned and operated.
  • We are a trusted provider even in tough economic times.
  • We are interested in sharing technology and reducing the cost of government.
  • Saves time and resources by promoting "online" instead of "inline".
  • Improve timeliness of collections, decreased operational costs and increased productivity.
  • Reduces the burden of dealing with cash and checks.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Convenient and stress-free way to make payments anytime and anywhere.
  • Out-of-town customers have a convenient way to make timely payments.
  • No waiting in long lines and reduces travel time.
  • Easy to follow instructions for Online Payments ensuring a positive customer experience.