Oakland County, Michigan
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Oakland County, Michigan

Oakland County, Michigan has been fostering intergovernmental cooperation by providing technology solutions to its 62 municipalities for more than 35 years. These technologies include network infrastructure, email, GIS, land and tax systems, web development and hosting, and much more.

Oakland County has been a consistent national and international award winning county recognized as a leader in developing innovative government technologies.

Why is Oakland County embracing cloud computing technology?

The “cloud” represents the next generation evolution of sharing applications and technology.  Oakland County has been sharing applications and technology for more than 35 years. Through cloud computing we can position our applications in cyberspace, making it available to other government agencies regardless of size, budget, or the resources available to them.  The same advanced technology solutions that Oakland County utilizes will be available to other government agencies for use in the “cloud”.

Cloud computing has helped local governments by:

  • Creating an opportunity to use technology that may not otherwise be within reach.
  • Providing government-managed technology solutions that increase reliability, security and privacy protection for government data.
  • Eliminating infrastructure requirements or upfront costs.
  • Providing a centrally managed information system that reduces redundancy

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"Cloud computing will create opportunities for state, county, and local governments to collaborate and to lower the cost of using and owning technology. This is the ultimate in shared services."
Oakland County Executive
L. Brooks Patterson