About G2G Cloud Solutions

G2G Cloud Solutions was developed by Oakland County, Michigan to improve government services by sharing technology with other government agencies at little or no cost, therefore reducing the cost of government.

G2G Cloud Solutions believes in providing technology solutions to government agencies regardless of their size, budget, geographic limitations or restrictions.  We believe that all governments should have equal access to the most advanced technology in order to best serve all citizens’ needs regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

G2G Cloud Solutions is based on the idea that governments can work together to:

Reduce the Cost of Government

Share Technology

Leverage Technology for
Mutual Benefits

Create a Sustainable Model for Digital Government

G2G Cloud Solutions Offers Two FREE Services to Any Government Agency Within the United States

There Are Many Benefits to Using G2G Cloud Solutions for Our Payment Needs

Revenue Sharing

We share back 50% of the net convenience fees that we collect from your government agency back to you or the funding unit of a court, as a cost recovery stream.

Training & Support

An Implementation Manager will be assigned to your agency to ensure seamless integration of services.  We provide free training and support for your staff.

Real Time Reporting

We provide real time reporting of all transactions via a secure website.  Reconcile deposits, conduct voids/credits, run transation
reports and more.

PCI Compliant

G2G Cloud Solutions is Payment Card Industry compliant and conducts a yearly audit to remain so.  We do not store credit cards and provide annual PCI training for all participating agencies at no cost.